Discover Namibia’s Communal Conservancies where local communities conserve their natural resources and collaborate with world-class establishments to offer authentic travel experiences. Located throughout the country, Namibia’s Communal Conservancies are one of Africa’s best-kept secrets! We encourage you to include a visit to any or all of them as part of your travel itinerary. To help you plan your trip, this website offers a location map and detailed information about those Communal Conservancies currently offering amenities and activities like lodging, photo and wildlife safaris, food and dining, cultural attractions and more.

Responsible Travel

Help preserve Namibia’s beauty and character. Responsible travel is all about exploring, sustaining and enhancing the best of what Namibia has to offer. These suggestions will enrich your experience, support what’s appealing and unique to the country, and benefit the local people.
Buy Local

You’re here to discover Namibia’s true character, so make sure that’s where your money goes. Consciously spend your time and money at local businesses which offer locally produced food and products, handicrafts and art. You’ll help others benefit from your presence which will also help communities preserve their traditions and protect their natural resources.
Honor Protected Areas

Learn and follow advisories and regulations when visiting protected areas and Communal Conservancies, and respect the rights of private landowners. Remember the usage fees you pay to support the local management programs and conservation efforts necessary to protect and maintain these areas.
Leave No Trace

Follow all principles of the Leave No Trace program—from preparation to preservation to respect for wildlife and others. Minimize your impact for the good of everyone. For Leave No Trace outdoor ethics, visit
Keep Wildlife Wild

Namibia has abundant wildlife. Maintain a respectful distance, use binoculars and telephoto lenses, refrain from feeding wild animals, and protect wildlife and your food by securely storing your meals and rubbish, especially when camping outdoors overnight. Don’t camp at or near waterholes. The wildlife can’t or won’t drink if there are people nearby and they may have walked tens of kilometres to get there.
Explore Beyond the Guidebook

Discover Namibia’s lesser-known wonders by being open to local suggestions and new experiences. Visit popular places at off-peak times, seek out experiences off the beaten path, and remember it’s all about the journey—not just the destination.
Mind Your Resources

Help conserve the natural resources you’ve come to visit by following the principles of reduce, reuse and recycle. Support tour operators, outfitters and service providers that operate in Communal Conservancies and incorporate green practices in their operations.
Park the Car!

The best way to explore an area is to get out into it—try walking, cycling or taking public transportation for a portion of your travels. Rent fuel-efficient or hybrid vehicles when a car is necessary, and invest in carbon offsets that support new investments in renewable energy and energy efficiency.
Give Back

Enhance the value and meaning of your visit by volunteering your time to a local cause or project while you’re in Namibia. Or, simply make a financial donation to an organization that supports environmental stewardship and community well-being in the region.
Come Prepared

Learn about local road and weather conditions and the availability of provisions in the field before you venture out. Keep in mind that water is scarce in many regions. Consider using a local guide whenever venturing into the countryside.


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